Back To The Future Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case

June 25, 2013


This is a $30 iPad case available at Firebox that looks like the Grays Sports Almanac from Back To The Future II. It also looks like a great way to get your iPad stolen for the case alone. I don't even own an iPad and I want that case. I'm not sure what I'd put in it though but my guess is TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS. "Dammit GW, you don't have any top secret documents." Do too! "Let me see those!" NO, PLEASE DON'T. "This is a log of every time you've sat down to use the bathroom since 2009." You've ruined me! *swallows cyanide capsule* "Stop being so dramatic, I could see that was gummi vitamin* I'm never playing spy with you again.

Thanks to Carsten, who informed me the key to winning sports bets is always betting on the team I think is going to lose because I'm a terrible picker.

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