AT-AT Walker Wedding Photos

June 12, 2013


NOTE: Hit the image for the larger version. If your computer monitor is 100 feet tall like mine, it's like the AT-ATs are really chasing you!

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks. Mr. Geekologie Writer is dealing with real life at the moment and should be returning shortly. In the meantime, you can check out this wedding photo taken by Little Blue Lemon Photography featuring AT-AT Walkers attacking a wedding party. So apparently wedding photos where the wedding party is being chased is a thing now. Remember when wedding photos were about capturing the love and magic of the most important day of your life? Now it's about being weird and quirky. My wedding photos are going to feature robots and bacon and mustaches and the Internet will love them oh so much. But most importantly they'll really capture the tender understanding between me and the love of my life: my right hand. I mean, uh, a girl. A real life girl! *sobs quietly in the corner*

Thanks to T8RO, who's obviously too devilishly good looking for his right hand.

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