You Tricky Devil: Moth With Fake Spider Legs On Its Wings

May 2, 2013


This is the Lygodium Spider Moth (Siamusotima aranea). The species was originally discovered in Thailand in 2005, but only recently described by entomologists. Did I mention it evolved with spider leg markings on its wings to fool predators? Because it has those, it totally does. The species feeds on climbing ferns, which are considered an invasive species in some areas, so the moth may be considered for pest control in the future. So remember: the next time you're about to smash something you think is a spider, swing even harder and faster just in case it's actually a moth and tries to fly away.

Hit the jump for two more shots.



Thanks to Lila, who probably didn't like that whole smash a spider thing because she's a for-real entomologist. That was my bad.

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