You Just Couldn't Make Up Your Mind, Could You?: Guy Dressed Up As All The Avengers At Once

May 24, 2013


Because it's the Friday before a holiday weekend and I've already started drinking (technically last night) this is a shot of some dude dressed up as all the Avengers at once. Can you name the corresponding costume pieces to each Avenger? In case you're a dirty cheater, they are:

Captain America's shirt and shield

Iron Man's helmet and chest light
Thor's hammer and hair
The Hulk's shorts and legs
Hawkeye's bow
Black Widow's sleeves and gloves
Nick Fury's eye patch

Fun fact: did you know the original Avengers consisted of Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, and the Hulk? Ant-Man and Wasp just don't get a lot of credit because they're kind of goofy characters and nobody likes them. But has that stopped Marvel Studios from green-lighting an Ant-Man movie? It has not. Fingers crossed it plays out like a sequel to A Bug's Life.

Hit the jump for a shot of Iron Thulkeyewidfury strutting his stuff.


Thanks to Shone, who was going to dress as every character from the entire Marvel universe for Halloween one year but then opted to be a giant M&M instead.

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