Yeah You Did: Motorcycle With An Airplane Engine

May 15, 2013


This is a motorcycle powered by a 150hp Rotec Radial R3600 airplane engine. It was pieced together by German mechanic Frank Ohle, who, God willing, has future plans to bolt wings to the thing and speed it straight off a cliff and into our hearts. Or a ravine.

Over the course of 18 months, Ohle figured out all of the ridiculously improbable steps involved in this project -- that includes fitting a custom chassis, painting, suspension and electronics -- and ended up with an absolutely gorgeous, incredibly noisy nine-cylinder superbike.

Impressive work, Frank. Or should I say, the Red Baron?! You thought we wouldn't figure it out? You turned a motorcycle into a replica of your old plane man, it didn't exactly take rocket science to put two and two together. It did take my roommate telling me though, because I suck at solving mysteries. You know how many times I've won at Clue? F***ING HATE THAT GAME.

Hit the jump to the see a video of the being ridden around in circles and not barnstorming like I was hoping.

Thanks to Chape, who once rode an airplane with a motorcycle engine off a cliff and plummeted like a rock tied to another, even heavier rock.

  • beastium

    why dont they fucking ride it

  • Just... A guy

    I come to this site for up to date valid information to base my daily life actions on. As this guy has only re created what Jesse (can't keep it in my pants) James did some time ago. I am now going to kill a bum. That said may the death of a bum lay heavy on your soul.

  • droomonsta

    Been done before in recent times... and to be extra douche-y, in the 1920's as well, mounted on/in the front wheel.

  • Shiela Dixon

    Apologies if we've been over this ground already but has GW been abducted by aliens (or robots?) and replaced with a more mild-mannered lookylikey? Something's not right I tell you!

  • Moop

    Russell Ballentine and Jesse James did it first.

  • This looks insanely uncomfortable and I have to imagine this thing eats so much fuel that the tiny ass tank gets drained in about 30 minutes tops. Its neat but insanely impractical.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    You think he was shooting for practicality?

  • Larry Symms

    The printing on the fuel tank translates to "I eat men with loose pants"

  • Larry Symms

    That drive belt is freakin scary

  • Ry Keener

    Anyone else really want to see this thing go full speed down the road?

  • Brant_Alan

    I would rather see Wile E. Coyote wearing roller skates and a giant wick-lit rocket backpack go full speed down a road and into a rock face with a false painted tunnel on it.

  • Prometheus

    I would rather see Jay Leno's jet engine powered bike going full speed down the road.

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