WTF Did I Just Watch?: Trippy 'Screengrab' Video

May 8, 2013


This is 'Screengrab', a video short made using multiple printed screencaps of some dude's hands, which then become part of the movie. At least I think -- I think that's what I watched. Honestly, I have no clue. Films are always hard for me and more often than not I'm left asking my friends what the hell is going on. I didn't even realize Bambi was the son of the deer that got killed at the beginning of the movie. Same goes for Simba. You know they should really make those movies a little more obvious considering they're for kids and all.

Hit the jump for the trippy-ass video.

Thanks to Rhubarb, who is like, purple colored celery or something. I don't know, my dad and brother love your pies but I can't stand them.

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