Whoa Bro, Slow Down: Avatar Tattoo Guy Is Still At It

May 21, 2013


NOTE: I didn't post the pics after the jump because I don't want anybody falling in love too quickly but you can see the uncensored shot of the pic above HERE, frontal shot with g-string HERE and 3/4 rear view with tattered cat tree HERE.

Remember Avatar tattoo guy? How could you forget? It's been almost two years since we've checked in with Avatar superfan Iggy, and not a day goes by that I don't try to drink myself into a coma to forget about him. Yet here he is, trying to burn my retinas out with all the unbridled sexual energy that comes with tattooing the shit out of yourself with fictional cat-people from a movie. And now he has stripes all the way down his legs. Plus a camo print g-string. Do they sell those at military surplus stores? I'm asking for a friend. You know what, no, I'm asking for myself. I'm tired of living this lie -- I want to be an outdoorsman. I want to camp and fish and hike and holy shit it's hot out here, I'm going back inside.

Thanks to Ferrous, who agrees the only thing that's left for dude to do is color the rest of himself in with powder blue, post the pics to OK Cupid, and brace himself for a flooded inbox.

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