Video Game Pirates Complaing About Video Game Piracy

May 6, 2013


Greenheart Games is a small independent video game publisher that just released their first title, Game Dev Tycoon, last week. But alongside the legitimate version, they also uploaded a torrent containing a cracked version of the game. Fast forward to later that day when pirates start complaining they can't proceed any further in the sim because all the games they develop get virtually pirated. I think my brain just exploded a little bit. "That was a sneeze." So all this green stuff? "Snot." Oh thank heavens.

Hit the jump for another pirate complaining and a pie chart showing how many legitimate copies vs. pirated copies were being played after the first day (it's depressing).



Thanks to tony pepparoni and Shaun, who agree that when you pirate games, nobody wins but the Kraken.

  • very interesting games

  • wow! is wonderful. it's the inventor or very good and keep trying possibility.

  • v c

    This entire game a complete rip off of Game Dev Story

    They reap what they sow.

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  • I have the game and love it, its not expensive so why not buy it and stop crying like children.


  • Mighty Molecule

    weak propaganda...

  • Devin Wolfe

    this is why you wait for Skidrow to crack it

  • ImNoRobot

    Good point, then take it from ExtremeZone so you know you can play it 10 minutes after you start the download.

  • joevsyou

    i downloaded the demo and bought the game when this came out. It's fun game. in one play through i got around 8-10 hours for 8 bucks. plenty of content

  • it started with printers, reprinting words that were copyrighted...then it moved to music....using tapes to record radio, using napster to steal music files....then to movies....with bit torrent....then to video industry is immune to piracy, and pirates have been stealing stuff for thousands of wanna be independent? then guess what, you are alone and all the pirates are gonna steal your shit. that is why corporations have teams of lawyers to attack pirates with. welcome to the world of independent production, marketing and sales.

  • Blank Generation

    Personally I pirate every game before I buy it to see if I like it. Demos are cherrypicked bull and I don't live in the US so renting is a no go anyway.

  • Dylan Port

    make cartridges did you ever see a cartridge game pirated

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Yes I have, both a entire cartridge pirated or just rom files. Also cartridges would increase the production costs.

  • jenna

    the reason people pirate so many games is because of people who bring in lower levels of income and can't afford the games. If big game companies, or any companies would make their games more accessible people with lower incomes, piracy would sufficiently decrease because people would be able to afford their stuff. its the prices that support piracy, or at least a very big part of it.

    then there are just the assholes who don't want to drop on a decent game, even if its cheap.

  • mazurka

    I can't confirm their data but Netflix claims a significant decrease in pirated movies when they set up shop in that region. They have made their product accessible.

  • whogivesafuck

    don't give me this bullshit - games are getting pirated, this is not breaking news. the fact of whether it's immoral or illegal is completely irrelevant - it is happening. game developers are going to have to be smarter to strive in the modern world. blizzard, for example with world of warcraft - makes millions off not only merchandise, out of game but in game as well, along with the monthly fee. diablo 3 - with its online only mode, making it unable to be pirated. riot with league of legends, a 100% free-to-play masterpiece, has made heaps of cash in the three years it has been out simply by selling skins, an item that does not effect game play in the least. don't tell me you're sinking because of pirates - be innovative, come up with new ideas that make your game WORTH buying.

  • OrehRatiug

    Pirates wouldn't buy the game anyway, it isn't a lost sale. It's funny how ignorant even small time devs can be.

  • Daily Lama

    Keep telling yourself that. Multiple studies, including a new dataset from Netflix about piracy dropping when they enter a market would disagree with you.

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