Video Game Pirates Complaing About Video Game Piracy

May 6, 2013


Greenheart Games is a small independent video game publisher that just released their first title, Game Dev Tycoon, last week. But alongside the legitimate version, they also uploaded a torrent containing a cracked version of the game. Fast forward to later that day when pirates start complaining they can't proceed any further in the sim because all the games they develop get virtually pirated. I think my brain just exploded a little bit. "That was a sneeze." So all this green stuff? "Snot." Oh thank heavens.

Hit the jump for another pirate complaining and a pie chart showing how many legitimate copies vs. pirated copies were being played after the first day (it's depressing).



Thanks to tony pepparoni and Shaun, who agree that when you pirate games, nobody wins but the Kraken.

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