Custom 'Up' House And WALL-E Engagement Ring Boxes

May 14, 2013


This is the custom engagement ring box made by TheModelMaker to look like the house from Pixar's 'Up'. It's the perfect engagement ring box to say, "If you die on me, I will become a crotchety old man." Reminds me of the time I asked a girlfriend to marry me with a Monsters, Inc. engagement ring box and she was all, "OMG, I love this movie!" then opened it up and saw the ring and was all, "OMG, I'm not ready for this, take it back, please -- take it back." Then I asked her sister and she said no too so I had no choice but to move to a cave in the mountains where I died from a broken heart the very next day. Jk jk, bear attack -- apparently they don't like sharing caves.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and BONUS Toy Story and WALL-E engagement ring boxes. PROTIP: if you get me a WALL-E I will say yes.









Thanks to PYY, who informed me the best engagement ring box is a Cracker Jack box you carefully reglued shut so your wife-to-be doesn't realize she's being proposed to until she's choking on two month's salary.

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