Universal Studios Adding The Simpsons Area To Park

May 28, 2013


Universal Studios has just announced the addition of a Simpson's themed area to its Orlando-based park, complete with real Springfield locations like Duff Brewery Moe's Tavern (both serving real Duff beer), Krusty Burger, Kwik-E-Mart, Cletus' Chicken Shack and The Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. Plus there will be rides. But that's not what we're going for, is it? No, we're going for the beer, burgers and Squishees. Dare me to drink an all syrup Squishee? Because after enough beers I'll do that. Truthfully, after enough beers I'll do a lot of things. You ever been kicked out of an amusement park before? Open my glove compartment. "Nothing but fake beards and sunglasses." From now on call me Reginald.

The Simpsons area opens this summer, hit the jump for a video of all the attractions, and one of the current construction progress.

Thanks to everyone who sent this, meet me behind the Qwik-E-Mart after dark and we'll go cut the head off the Jebediah Springfield statue and take turns displaying it in our apartments.

  • Hans Moleman

    I was saying Boo-Urns!

  • taran420

    Personally, I preferred the Back to the Future ride over the Simpson's one. However, the Simpson's ride was pretty cool too. That area of the park themed after it will be neat.

  • Colorless82

    The Kwik-E-Mart has automatic doors.

  • Homer

    Kwik-E-Mart already existed. It opened when the ride opened couple of years ago.
    Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop Will NOT be an actual store, but the bathrooms. It will look like the card shop on the front, but it will just be restrooms.
    Universal Studios is not really adding all these restaurants, they are just replacing old ones with Simpsons Themed restaurants. but on the inside they will look like regular Universal Restaurants. Everything pretty much is just for the front of the restaurants only.

  • n11

    Pretty cool idea. Looks kinda cramped though?

  • Guest

    This would be pretty sweet. I'll be at Moe's folks.


    More importantly, WILL THERE BE A MONORAIL!?!

  • SandraLopez

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  • CaptainGuntu

    No doughnut shop???

  • Note the giant "Lard Lad" statue on the right.

  • Darebear

    Nothing could poss-ibli go wrong. Possi-bly go wrong. That's the, first thing that's ever gone wrong.

  • This just in: Disney World to construct a new Shelbyville-themed area.

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