There Can Be Only One: Leonard Nimoy And Zachary Quinto Battle It Out For Spock #1 In Audi Commercial

May 7, 2013


This is a long-form Audi commercial featuring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto in a race of the Spocks to see who can get to the country club first. Really -- racing to the country club? Anybody caught RACING to the country club, ESPECIALLY anyone under the age of 65, needs to reevaluate their priorities. You two call me when you're racing to the Vulcan titty bar and then we'll talk because I'm already in the parking lot waiting for them to open because they've got this $8 all-you-can-eat-Tribble buffet from 4-6PM. Also, the video is 2:45 long which was hard for me to sit through but I did like the part when Nimoy was driving and reciting 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins' to himself, also making him the funner of the two drivers to ride with.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to PYY, Tracy, Orcbutt and E V I L A R E S with spaces - damnit lol type them out GWWWWW, who informed me Quinto means fifth, so in reality there will always be three other dudes between Zachary and first place. Sucks, brobro.

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