The Ol' Leg Kick Over The Chair Back: Video Compilation Of Commander Riker Sitting Down In Star Trek: TNG

May 13, 2013


This is a short compilation video of Commander Riker sitting down in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He always approaches the seat from the rear then kicks one leg over it. Why? Presumably to draw attention to his nuts. I do this thing whenever I win a game of foosball where I hook both thumbs in my pockets and use my index fingers to point at my junk and thrust a little. My buddy Hugo taught me that. It's kind of like saying, "Hey, my penis bested your penis and you should acknowledge it."

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to carey, who sits down the old fashioned way: on the floor Indian style.

  • Kevin

    I mean come on... if the TNG cast were matched up with the Saved By The Bell cast, Riker would totally be AC Slater. Picard would be Zack, Data would be Screech, Dr. Crusher would be Jessie, Geordi would be man-Lisa, and Famke Janssen's guest appearance in season 5 would be Kelly Kapowski. Worf would be... I dunno, who's left? Belding? Belding.

  • grahamfelts

    Someone needs to make a rendering picture of that now!

  • D.j. Isamonster

    New drinking game.

  • TastyWheat

    That's amazing! I never once realized he sat down in chairs like that.

  • Suspicious Character

    Thank goodness chairs in the future don't have arm rests

  • cardstock

    It's even cooler when he stands up like that. There's nothing quite like a perfectly executed reverse-teabag dismount.

  • Closet Nerd

    Looks like he's getting ready to fart in a midget's face
    ......just sayin

  • jodamiller

    All the comments I've seen have been people say that they never noticed this. Please, if you noticed this when you first watched ST:TNG, please let me know. I did, and I'm beginning to worry about myself.

  • Vladeon

    I noticed it when I re-watched the entire series on Netflix but I certainly didn't notice it when I was watching the originals as they aired. It's just part of Riker's persona, he does things with flair because he's full of himself. It's actually a really interesting yet subtle part of his character.

  • jodamiller

    Wil Wheaton commented on this. Frakes has a bad back from moving furniture in a previous job.

  • rikster81

    so it did work you were finding yourself staring at his nuts

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