The Ocean's Calling: Seashell iPhone Speaker Amplifiers

May 17, 2013


These are the $75 conch shell iPhone speaker amplifiers sold by WAAM Industries. You've got to admit, that's a pretty clever idea. Of course if you don't have $75 you could probably make your own after a trip to a beach gift shop to pick up a conch shell. Just get me a pet hermit crab while you're there. One with a shell painted like a lady bug. No -- the Bat-symbol.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots in case you're not sure where to drill with the Dremel.



Thanks to Ben, who's afraid of listening to the ocean in shell because you never know if there's gonna be an ear-eating crab in there just waiting for a meal.

  • Linda_Home_Solar_Systems

    Hey, I appreciate for creativeness. I just alert- Expensive to repair if screen broken, moving contacts from google phone was a hassle, not convinced about the direction finder facility.. thanks~ Rimi from http://www.power-adapters.c...

  • DeathBotGamma

    I'm gonna be rich.

  • disqus_bA52kO2Gla

    I have been calling the move where you cup your hand around the speaker of your phone "Conching" for years now. This product brings my colloquialism to vivid life... Vivid, ridiculously expensive life.

  • BeefSupreme

    your definition is waaaaaayyyyyy diff than mine. and less disgusting as well.

  • Guest

    I wonder if this will also work with a magic conch shell?

  • dyingalive

    k $ 7.50 maybe.

  • Turbosloth

    Seriously, I have one of those in my aquarium...To think that I could simply cut a notch in it and turn free into $75 is absurd.

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