Teensy: Stop Motion Made Using Single Atoms As Pixels

May 1, 2013


This is a short stop motion video from IBM that they created using SINGLE ATOMS as individual pixels. Do you know how small an atom is? No? Well imagine a bouncy ball. Now imagine a SUPER F***ING TEENY bouncy ball. That's how small an atom is provided you imagined a bouncy ball tiny enough. The atoms in the video have been magnified 100-million times. The pubic hair I plucked and looked at under a microscope in 10th grade biology class? I think that was 50x. My lab partner told on me too which is exactly why she got SURPRISE DISSECTED FROG PARTS in her backpack the following semester. Don't mess with science, Stephanie!

Hit the jump for the short as well as a making-of video if you're really into science and not just faking it because science is supposed to be so cool right now. You know who you are.

Thanks to Ed and adam, who made a stop motion using sytrofoam balls to represent atoms and got an honorable mention ribbon at the science fair. Not bad!

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