Sunbathing With Satan: The Pentagram Bikini Top

May 22, 2013


This is the Pentagram Bikini sold by Etsy shop MASSBlack for $55. Thankfully, that price includes a top and bottom, so the '666' you shaved into your bush can remain you and the devil's little secret.

Hit the jump for another shot where she kind of looks like Kim Kardashian if Kim Kardashian were a real human being and not a government conspiracy to keep morale at an all time low.


Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he once infiltrated a satanic cult and spent a whole meeting yelling 'JESUS SAVES!'

  • Nikki Christina Best

    Bad armpit photoshop. Do not want.

  • Jackson O'Malley
  • Jackson O'Malley

    Diktator, i see a pentagram on a swimsuit on a hot goth chick. and then i see yours, cheesy cheap ass clown get up (THAT THONG!!! THOSE PRINTS!! Holy toledo!) that doesnt seem like it could withstand water, let alone maintain during the shower scene on the stripper wearing it onstage. FAIL. YOU LOSE. and $158!?!?!? Is that a joke!?!?!? Oh. youre from Italy. You get a Euro trash forgive-them-for-they-know-not-how-cheesy-they-are pass on this one. but, please, for the sake of humanity.. leave the Satanakinis to the pros.

  • Diktator Fashion Lab

    I can see why it's hard for you to understand that some of us are actually capable of coming up with original ideas. The whole pentagram string clothing concept is my original design. I've made my first pentagram string corset in 2002 and it was featured on stage of Miss Slovenia finals in 2005, which you can see on 6th picture in this link: -it is a link to the archive of main news site in Slovenia and contains the date of the post. My pentathong was featured on the cover of November 2003 edition of Slovene Playboy magazine. I understand that some people liked the idea and found a way to make their own interpretation of it, or even came up with this idea themself. But I've never copied anyones work. And this swim suit is a poor, yet direct copy of my pentagram bikini. About the quality and the price: I designed all the clothes in my Etsy shop and made each item from scratch with my hands. I guarantee a top quality, which can be also seen from feedback of satisfied customers. And there's no need to insult entire continent just because I pointed out that this is -in fact- a copy of my original design.

  • Riley

    Its actually not that original. A very simple design, I could've easily come up with it (which I thought about it, then I looked online and saw there was a bunch for sale). So it's not really copyright either ahaha. Stop talking about other people stealing your idea, when it's not, and who would want to buy something for $180. DIY is the best N/A.

  • Brandon

    Just think of the tan lines.

  • penisbelenis

    Just me or is there a lot of blurry photoshop fail going on all over the bottom pic stomach and hips? Anyway. Cheesy bikini but would be fun in the right situation.

  • PeteFD

    lol, stretch mark removal fail? The remnant artifact is no better!

  • rikster81

    VA-VA-VOOM!!!!! hate the pentagram love the lady!

  • Diktator Fashion Lab

    Hi! I would like to point out that you're promoting a copy of my original design. Please check the link for details:

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