Drugs Are Bad: Woman On Meth Shopping At Walmart

May 1, 2013


This is a video of a woman presumably methed out of her mind doing her grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I can't tell if the drugs make her super efficient at shopping or not, but my guess is she's probably not gonna be able to pay for everything she puts in her cart when she makes it to the checkout. IF she makes it to the checkout. Also, I'm surprised the guy filming is comfortable with ol' Mary Meth-head coming so close to his cart considering he's got his kid riding in it. You think a meth-head won't sell your kid for drugs? THINK AGAIN. Man, I could tell you some stories about the serious addicts I've known in my life but a lot of them are dead now and it makes me sad to think about so I'm not going to. Stay off the hard shit, kids. REAL TALK.

Hit the jump for the video, which at times I could have sworn was some sort of trippy aerobics workout. And don't even try to act like for-real crazy people know what Pintrest is.

Thanks to Matthew, who agrees they should have cast this chick in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas.

  • ronnie

    most of you that think she is high are probably right but how do you know its meth she could be high on life and as for her being around a kid as long as she isn't getting the kid high or doing it in front of him its some what ok its a lot better then most of you do every sunday bringing your kid around a known sex offender when you go to church and who are we to judge we are all addicts in some form and just cause a drug is prescribed doesn't make it good and its still illegal the only problem I have with drugs are running outso look in the mirror before you judge and if she was on meth she sure in the hell wouldn't be buying food long live the tweaker

  • LittleBigFace

    Meth-head in Walmart?
    Let's bring our kids within her punching range!

  • sarah

    The part where she has to put the cloth up to her mouth...seems like she was going to laugh. I do believe this was staged, but if not - hot damn.

  • Gruddicus

    I really don't see what she is doing wrong, or why this is an example of why not to do drugs. If anything she seems a little more efficient at shopping and she was also quite polite to the guy filming her. I've seen far more threatening drunks.

  • Kevin

    Indeed. And lest we forget, alcohol is a drug, same as anything else you'd call a drug. I love when people say "I don't do drugs." Oh, do you drink? "Yes." Okay, then you do drugs. You're a drug user.

  • Obuzome Ayadiuno

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  • Cunt Face!

    Had she been on Marijuana, she may have had an in depth look at the nutritional values of the produce, compared items, paid for said items and then left to enjoy a monster feast. She certainly would not have behaved so disgracefully. Please legalise already. You're welcome.

  • @Ksilly

    Is this the new Jim Carrey movie?

  • Snead Hearn

    Walmart will now offer a free meth hit, to increase sales.

  • Snead Hearn

    She's on a shopping contest TV show!

  • ballsy

    Is that Captain Jack Sparrow?

  • Charles Whelan

    Shop til you drop..

  • Joe No

    The really important question is "why the hell did he choose a cart with an obviously screwed up wheel?"

  • Girgear

    A mime doing her grocery.

  • Darren McCoy

    I think vertical videos are almost as bad as meth!

  • I'd say the man is a stalker

  • Billy Rocka

    I like smoking strong sativas/hybrids because my mind is like her actions only my body is like nah man...nah. Then again I like indicas too.

  • $18889437

    The people saying she is not high have clearly never experienced someone high on meth or similar drugs... this chick is absolutely on something. Her behavior is like everyone I've unfortunately known who has done drugs like this. I've also had experience with severely bipolar people... even in a very manic state they don't act like this. That said, I could absolutely be wrong. But I'd bet money she's high as hell.

  • Dino Mesic

    yeah.. bipolar people act this way... strictly....
    but them meth users are sure to claw your eyes out at first glance.
    there's plenty of people out there who dont need any substances to act that way. People are just too rigged to consider options outside of drugs for irrational and "different" behaviour.

  • Mobile M0dule

    After month of preparation Beth finally managed to build up the courage to go shopping despite her mental problem.
    It was also the last time she tried it after she became an internet celebrity as "shopping methhead".

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