Some People Have Friends: Zelda Game Boy B-Day Cake

May 21, 2013


This is the Zelda themed Game Boy birthday cake made for *squinting* dammit, ENHANCE PHOTO! Shoot, I still can't read it. Frodzi Wippies? Whatever, the name of who is was made for isn't the point. The point is what the hell is going on with that dude's face on the right? Is he high? Just a bad picture taker? Did he draw that picture of him and his friends that's hanging beside him? Because that's a pretty impressive piece for a guy who can't open his eyes.

Thanks to ChaosLex and chichi, who agree the best cakes are the ones with a scantily clad dancer that jumps out but doesn't fall on their face trying to get down because that just makes the whole thing awkward and way less sexy. Like tripping and faceplanting into a bedside table trying to dance out of your boxers for your girlfriend. I broke my nose.

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