So It's Come To This: A Pistol Shaped iPhone Case

May 28, 2013


This is the $16 'Pistol Style Protective Plastic Case' made for the iPhone 5. It looks like a copper gun. Kind of. Mostly it just looks ridiculous. I must have one. Plus if we order 3 or more we can get them down to $14.50 apiece. It's the kind of iPhone case I imagine the Joker would carry if the Joker had an iPhone instead of a chattering teeth landline because the man knows a quality novelty product when he sees one.

Hit the jump for a couple more SHOTS. Then come punch me in the chest.






Thanks to Raker, who doesn't want an iPhone case that looks like a gun because when you have an iPhone case that looks like a gun you're automatically "that guy". And that guy's a dickbag.

  • browniegirl360

    NOW THIS SHIT IS STUPID BONAFIDE!!!! Please BLACK PEOPLE do not buy this shit!!!! This is a fucking set up...they also have this shit in all BLACK!

  • Laurent Maulin

    Can't consider IPhone as merely a phone right now, lol this looks so ugly it does'nt look like a flagship this way it's awful hehehe i've got this for you people !!
    Optimus G2 what do you think about this one ?

  • Bobert

    Do you think it can hold the phone downward? Because i want to carry it in my belt like a cowbow and when phone ring pull it. Maybe gunfire ringtone. HA.

  • browniegirl360

    Gunfire ringtone?! are a casualty waiting to happen...

  • Bobert

    ...the next day Bobert get shot accidentally.

  • Luneth

    I can imagine this going awfully wrong;
    >go to cashier at a bank
    >phone starts ringing
    >"sorry I have to get this"
    >go to pull out gun handle from jacket
    >cashier screams
    >whole bank locksdown
    >get forced to the ground by security
    >get arrested
    >try to explain
    >get laughed at
    >end up on this site
    It's a vicious cycle.

  • SandraLopez

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  • Because iPhone cases weren't meant to fit in your pocket.

    I guess that actually makes sense. Hipsters have purses.

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