A Dinosaur Hunting And Eating Video Game

May 8, 2013


This is a video showing some prototype footage of The Stomping Land, a multiplayer survival game about a tribe of people who live on an island and hunt and eat dinosaurs as their primary food source. The only problem is, after you kill a little dinosaur and start skinning it for meat, the BIG dinosaurs show up and want to eat it AND you. Then you develop new weapons and traps and eventually you're riding dinosaurs and, God willing, getting married and banging one.

You can salvage resources, build traps, and use tools and abilities that allow you to survive a little longer. Different dinosaurs behave differently, and players must learn how to best hunt or use them to their advantage. Since it's multiplayer, you can use other people to create elaborate traps and strategies that require cooperation--so it seems as if forming tribes is recommended.

Currently, the footage above is the game at a prototype stage. You can vote for The Stomping Land on Steam Greenlight here, if not donate to the Kickstarter here. The developers--who have worked on games like Skyrim and Dungeon Defenders--are hoping to raise $20,000.

I dunno, I'm not sure how i feel about eating dinosaurs meat. I mean, what if I put all this effort into hunting and killing a little dinosaur, wind up crying over its scaled little carcass for a while, then it doesn't even taste good? WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE ME THEN? "Starving to death." Oh, right. It tastes just like chicken, it tastes just like chicken, it tastes just like chicken.

Hit the jump for the video demo.

Thanks to Matt, who informed me he's a dinosaur hunting pro. You hear that, Turok? Sounds like you've got some competition!

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