Oh Cool, IBM Also Made Some Star Trek Art With Atoms

May 2, 2013


Remember yesterday's stop motion video that IBM made using individual atoms as pixels? Well it turns out they also made some Star Trek art while they were at it. Why? Not sure, presumably because there's a new movie coming out. That or they just really love Star Trek. Or maybe a crazed Trekkie with one of those terrifying looking Klingon battle swords was threatening them bodily harm if they didn't. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. For lunch today? The possibilities are super limited. It's looking like a Carnation Instant Breakfast or risk trying the cottage cheese that expired a week ago. I'm kind of afraid to look at it though because I love cottage cheese and if it's moldy I'll have a hard time getting the image out of my head the next time I'm at the grocery store wanting to buy more. Now listen: you might not like cottage cheese, but don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Shared experiences like this -- that's what makes us all human.

Hit the jump for a Vulcan salute and a profile of the USS enterprise that's only a nanometer tall. You're not gonna fit a lot of crew on a ship that size.



Thanks to Brandon and T, who agree art should be for everyone and not just people who have super powerful microscopes so they can see it.

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