North Korean Money Defaced With Justice League Villains

May 2, 2013


This isc 'The Injustie League of North Korea', a series of North Korean bills with the faces replaced with Justice League villains by artist Aslan Malik (who did the US versions previously). I think they're supposed to make some sort of political statement, but I can't quite put my finger on it. My tongue, yes, but only because I like to know what everything tastes like. Money tastes like bus stop!

Thanks to supervillain wannabe Terry, who's plans for world domination were thwarted when he lost his baseman lair to a ramen-related house fire.

  • Jonathas Torres

    oh yeah but guys, you are way off. this is goddamn political, yes it is. good lord I mean let's make fun out of money. and money out of fun. and that country is bizarre, it's otherwordly inhuman there. if a north korean or anyone else inside that republic did anything similar, well I don't want to know how fast they would judge and convict the poor guy.

  • Jonathas Torres

    I mean, you wrote "This isc"

  • Jonathas Torres

    hey huh, sorry for pointing out but there's a 'c' in excess in the beginning of the story. kisses.

  • Obuzome Ayadiuno

    Good artwork but its not really nice to make fun of their currency. Visit for lovely articles.

  • Lu Cho

    Come, on! everyone knows North Korea is Best Korea.


    I'm with Daniel here. Why promote this garbage? If they made fun of our currency this would be a news segment on Fox or CNN telling us North Korea is spreading Anti-US propaganda. When it's this way around nobody cares. Our "world" is so biased. jeez.

  • n_a_a_s

    Im pretty sure north korea has better things to do than fuss over someone making their currency look better with some drawings they shared online. If they were muslims then it'd be another story laced with retaliatory bombings & bloodshed - but lets be glad thats not the case so I dont think you need to worry

  • vadersapp

    Immature? Sure. Funny? Yeeeup.

  • Oh hey. Let's give them more reason to hate us. :P

    Good artwork though :}

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