New 'Cute' Chubby Mini-Spiders Discovered In China

May 29, 2013


Keep in mind 'cute' is subjective. Now that I think about it I guess 'chubby' is too but nine out of ten doctors have agreed I'm full-blown obese. This is one of two new species of recently described mini-spiders from China. How small is a mini-spider? Well the little guy above is only 0.75mm long. For reference, that's small enough to be in your hair right now and you not even know it. There's isn't one though, so don't worry. There are hundreds. Worry now. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not afraid of spiders so that's not my problem. Have fun itching for the rest of the afternoon, maybe next time you'll think twice before forgetting our anniversary.

Thanks to Tallon, who's been slacking on the tips lately but I will assume was overseas on a top secret spy mission even James Bond himself was afraid to accept.

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