Cool: Motorcycle Helmet With Attached Skull Mask

May 17, 2013


This is the motorcycle helmet with an attached skull mask worn by an unknown biker attending the Harley Davidson National Rally in China. You should get totally one, that way everybody thinks you're Ghost Rider. Well, at least the people who can't tell a motorcycle from your electric scooter anyways.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who always encourages me to ride my bicycle fast and recklessly without a helmet because he's a firm believer I belong in a different world.

  • the antagonist

    Don't think the skull mask is attached. It just looks like a normal skid lid pared up with one of these:

  • Drew Rochon

    Talk about bugs in your teeth ...

  • Guest still isn't the same without the flames sprouting from one's body.

  • Grip0rToken

    You can buy them at the Dollar store on Halloween. I bought one last year for my Red Skull costume. ---->

  • tangoNine

    You can get them here...

    They are used for face protection in the sport of Airsoft.

  • I wonder if GW ever edits old articles... for instance when they say shit like "you should get totally one". Personally I think once they are delivered, they might as well be bronzed cuz that shits in the past.

    Prove me wrong!

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