Money Well Spent: Detroit's Giant RoboCop Statue

May 14, 2013


Remember back in February, 2011 when Detroiters pulled together and funded a Kickstarter to build a giant RoboCop statue? Can you believe that was over two years ago? TIME IS FLYING. I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and be 60 and be all, holy shit, nobody ever changed my sheets.

The statue was sculpted by Frank Barton.

And it's currently heading to Venus Bronze Works for casting and manufacturing.

Soon Detroit's greatest hero will be permanently honored in Bronze, watching over the city.

Now that's money well spent. Strip clubs? Strip clubs is usually money spent that you regret the next morning. But will that stop you from going back? It will not. Somebody should really do a study about the buyer's remorse associated with visiting strip clubs and it should be government funded and I should totally be the person doing it. You think I can't make it rain? I can make it rain.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of Detroit's robotic protector.





Thanks to mchl, who agrees they should install a RoboCop on every corner and tell people they have cameras in the visors and see if that cuts down on crime at all.

  • whacko

    Hmm. He didn't get the crotch quite right.

  • correction. Fred barton did not sculpt the suit. It was sculpted by Mark Dubeau and Fred Barton is taking credit for it as the licensee. check out his site.

  • cardstock

    You'd think a giant robotic police officer could have a cooler pose than vaguely staring into space while extending a limp left hand. He should be holding a criminal by the throat or something. That would truly honor his memory.

  • William Samuel

    Needs a gun.

  • Closet Nerd


  • Guest

    One of the highest unemployment rates in the country and they spend their money on this? Seems legit!

  • whacko

    Well, by funding the Kickstarter for this project they put at least one guy to work. Not to mention provided work for the company who will make the molds and case the statue in bronze.

    As the saying goes: "Your spending is my earning!"

  • Closet Nerd

    In Philly our most famous athlete statue is the "Rocky" statue at the Museum of Art!
    I think a REAL athlete would be more logical.....just sayin

  • William Samuel

    Well Detroit already has a giant fist for Joe Louis.

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