MC Escher Inspired Interlocking Wooden Floor Lizards

May 23, 2013


These are the wooden floor tiles cut by Spanish flooring company Arbore. They were inspired by MC Escher's famous 'Reptiles' drawing, even if the company refuses to admit it. They did admit it though, so we're cool. No need to make signs and go stand out front of their offices picketing. I mean unless you want to, in which case I'm down. I've never been to Spain before and I think I could write it off as a business expense. Or as a giant mistake, depending on whether or not we get arrested.

Hit the jump for Escher's original drawing and a couple more of the floor.




Thanks to Lizzy, who agrees they should have used a variety of different colored woods. Yeah! We don't even own a floor company and we know what's up.

  • Leigh Blake

    Damn!!! I want this, too!!!! Got to have....

  • waterblues

    I *totally* want this in my house!

  • Dennis Kern

    I'd like to order a couple hundred of square feet of these tiles for a small cabin I'm building but I can't seen to find a distributor. Can any of you folks help me out in finding them? I can be reached at


  • Very nice and informative post...thanks......

  • Roger Richard

    its looks awesome .

  • The escher reptile flooring is looking so beautiful. Flooring has always been an integral part of the home, and the type of floors in ones home are a reflection of preference and now an extension for a love of art, a personality or a uniqueness that’s all personal.

  • Laurent Maulin

    Nexus 5 : Oh i definitely like what i see, i'd love to have this on my home screen as a wall paper it looks so good thanks for sharing this with us :)

  • bethany

    This is sooo awesome. I'm a Math teacher, but I also love all things pretty. This is perfect.

  • Pedro

    You can see an example with different colors here http://evolulignum.blogspot...

  • Guest

    Awesome Idea.

  • Zachariah Cruse

    That's pretty awesome.

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