Man Builds His Own 80,000-Volt Thor's Hammer

May 3, 2013


Wait -- you've got a Portal gun and it's just sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Not cool bro.

Just in time for the release of Iron Man 3 *shrug*, this is a video of Caleb from Hackaday showing off the 80,000-volt Thor hammer he built out of a tesla coil and foam. It can light up light bulbs. My smile? My smile can light up an entire room. So can a fire.

Hit the jump for the video of the defibrillator in action.

Thanks to my pathological liar of a pal Terry, who tried to tell me he's swinging an eight pound man-hammer between his legs even though we both know it's not true because we change in the locker room together after racquetball.

  • Tony Stark

    Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?

  • Meh...

    Wow, this guy totally looks like he could be Jimmy Fallon's dad or brother!!!!

  • GigiAUT

    Jesus Christ!?

  • This would not be allowed into a convention

  • Matty Spinny

    actually it might.. its only static electricity. it doesn't actually hurt u in anyway.

  • Guess it depends on the convention, but generally it's easier for organizers to say no than for there to be an 'accident' over a clever and VERY cool prop

  • $434689

    That's an awfully big hammer for such a small spark. I think someone's compensating for something...

  • Post_Nazi

    He's just trying to make up for being the only brunette Thor.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Did you just shrug at Iron Man 3? For shame.

  • "It's pretty light" > NOT Thor's hammer

  • tisokan

    Maybe he is Thor and that is why it is light to him.

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