Lord Of The Rings Characters Salt & Pepper Shakers

May 28, 2013


You know what your dining room table is missing? Hopefully not a leg. Hopefully it's just missing some $15 - $18 Lord of the Rings salt and pepper shakers. Thankfully, our prayers have been answered. Well maybe yours at least, I prayed for a missile launcher for an arm and UNLIMITED AMMO. Apparently it's gonna take more than one night of prayer though, but hopefully by the end of the week.

Hit the jump for four other sets.





Thanks to PYY, who learned you're never supposed to add salt or pepper to something without trying it first because it could already be too salty or peppery and you can't scrape that shit off.

  • YOU SHALL NOT PASS...the salt.

  • jessica_whelan

    Should've just stopped with Gandalf and Saruman. Unless you're going after a LOTR nativity set or something.

  • Melanie Eric

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