Looks Legit: Craigslist XBox Personal Gaming Chamber

May 29, 2013


This is 'The Box', a $2,500 personal gaming/playing with yourself chamber for sale on Craigslist in Ohio. Allegedly it has surround sound, air conditioning/heat plus a 'one-of-a-kind military theme'. You might see other terrifying video game boxes with military themes, but not like this one. This is one of a kind. Could you imagine somebody locking you in there? I'd like to think I could kick that door off the hinges, but I don't know. I'm not exactly a physical powerhouse. One time I tried to jump-kick through a patio screen door and bounced off.

Thanks to Maestro, who knows a quality solitary confinement chamber when he sees one and this is not it (needs floor drainage for waste).

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