Lil' Girl Cosplaying As Stan Lee Sitting On Stan Lee's Lap

May 23, 2013


This is a shot by Vincent James Cracchiolo of a little girl cosplaying as Stan Lee and sitting on the real Stan Lee's lap at the recent Motor City Comic-Con. No word if Stan was insulted by the girl's lack of teeth but I'm assuming not because Stan seems like a pretty nice guy. Did you know he's already 90? Did you know he's going to live past 400 thanks to anti-aging superpowers? That's true -- a man dressed as Spider Man on Hollywood Boulevard told me. "And you believed him?" He was shooting silly string out of his hands! "And?" And was charging people $5 to have their picture taken with him before he wandered into the street and got hit by a car. "So...?" SO CAN WE AT LEAST HONOR A STREET PERFORMER'S DYING DREAM?

Thanks to carey, who told me she's had her picture taken with Stan Lee before too which sounded like bragging to me because why would you need to bring that up if you're just sending a tip? Well of course I'm jealous.

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