Learning By Looking: The Evolution Of Iron Man's Armor

May 2, 2013


Note: Larger, readable version HERE.

This is an infographic created by the folks over at HalloweenCostumes showing 20 different incarnations of Iron Man's armor over the past fifty years. That...is a lot of armor. No wonder metal prices are so high. You think I haven't thought about stealing copper? I haven't, that sounds like work. Which one is your favorite? I like the 1965 version where his thermal exhaust ports or whatever double as nipples. That's just quality design if you ask me. I can't believe they never designed one with a missile launcher for a penis. OR DID THEY? "They didn't." Damn.

Thanks to Elise, who actually works for Halloween Costumes and can hopefully hook me up with a sexy pirate wench outfit this year.

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