Beautiful: Bicycle Broken Down To Its Individual Pieces

May 2, 2013


This is a shot of a bike broken down into all its individual components by photographer Todd McLellan. You know, I just recently got back into biking again after my doctor told me my constant inactivity and beer consumption were turning me into a fat corpse. He keeps it real and never sugarcoats anything -- I like that about him. Plus one he tricked me into thinking I had a serious heart condition. That, I could have done without. Really I just wish he'd give me the prescriptions that I ask for. I mean, I get YOU'RE the doctor and everything, but it's MY body. Nobody knows my body better than I do. It's my own little temple of doom. Isn't that right, Indy? *Indy and Short Round explode out my ass in a runaway mine cart, Indiana Jones theme blaring* Wow, really guys?

Hit the jump for bonus breakdowns of a camera, oldschool alarm clock and typewriter.




Thanks to Jody, who just likes smashing things with a hammer. Same here.

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