iPhone Headphone Plug Completely Silences Phone

May 29, 2013


This is the Mutator, a small plug you insert into your iPhone's headphone jack that, with a twist, completely silences your phone from audio stemming from games, videos, apps, alarms, Siri, etc. etc. You know, because the little switch on the side doesn't work for that (although keeping a pair of headphones plugged in at the lowest volume comes pretty close). The Mutator is currently a Kickstarter project and $16 will get you one if they reach their funding goal. Now before you decide to buy one, I want you to sit back and imagine this: you're with the girl or boy that you've liked for a long time, and it's FINALLY HAPPENING. You're kissing, maybe doing a little light over-the-shirt petting. You see this going far. NAKED SLEEPOVER FAR. Then Siri chimes in reminding you it's time to take your diarrhea medicine.

Hit the jump for the Kickstarter video and no, I don't have a stake in the company.

Thanks to Side Effect and don, who silence their phones the old fashioned way: smashing them to pieces on the ground screaming, 'YOU DON'T CONTROL MY LIFE YOU PIECE OF SHIT, DO YOU HEAR ME?!' Their phones don't hear them though, because the mics aren't even attached to anything anymore.

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