Insane Insane Insane Lord Of The Rings Battle Of Helm's Deep Recreated w/ 150,000 LEGO Bricks, 1,700 Minifigs

May 7, 2013


1,700 minifigs!

This is the 150,000-piece LEGO recreation of the Battle of Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. It was built by Rich-K & Big J and contains over 1,700 minifigs, which is probably more minifigs than I could eat in my lifetime, but believe me, I'm still going to try anyways. Those little weapons tickle going down and hurt coming out. You ever had a little plastic battleaxe get stuck in your ass sideways? Right, well me neither then. God forbid we share similar experiences so we can grow closer.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the impressiveness and prepare to Ooh and Aah and Ooh la la.












Thanks to Evil Ares, who's so evil he always hides a couple of the crucial LEGO pieces I need to finish a playset. IT'S BEEN YOU ALL ALONG?

  • Eat your heart out Minecraft?

  • Superb Lego. Hat's off to this fantastic works. All the photos are just fabulous and awesome. It's look really outstanding. Really Great.

  • Matty Spinny

    okay the average mini fig is 4.99. they have 1700..... were the fuck did they buy all the figures from???? cause i cant even find that many.let alone for a decent price.

  • da1nonlysage

    Obviously you can't find them because guy here bought them all

  • Gah! Needs better photography. Get Avanaut on the job:

  • Auron_X

    I didn't know Frodo was at Helm's Deep when it got attacked by Orcs.

  • John Whatmeworry

    I like how in one of the pictures all the elves(?) have this fierce expression, except for the guy with the pitchfork, he's got this big ass grin, like, 'this is the best shit ever!'.

  • Kyle Mathews

    You know who that's supposed to be, right? Look up where Peter Jackson makes cameos in each of the LOTR movies.

  • Why is this not animated?

  • Derek St. Gelais

    So when does this set go on sale Lego?

  • Closet Nerd

    Why are Legos SOOOO expensive?
    .....just sayin

  • addict131

    This lego playset costs more than my house I bet!

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