Impressive Homemade Humanoid Transformer Costume

May 1, 2013


This is a short video demonstration of Youtube user derepentignymarc's wearable homemade 'Bolt' Transformer costume. It doesn't actually transform into anything, but the eyes and mouth parts move, the mask slides up and down automatically, and it has some light and smoke effects. Oh -- and the arms can be moved via remote controlled. It really is pretty impressive. Way better than anything I could built. Hell, the last time I tried to build a Transformer I sliced my hand wide open on the top of a tuna can. It was BAD. Not only would it not stop bleeding, but if I pulled the two sides of skin apart you could see the tendons moving around in there if I bent my fingers. You light-headed yet? Cool, then I'll make this easy for you: give me all your money and you won't get hurt.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and the video.




Thanks to melanie, who used to live next to a Transformer but said it was kind of lame because he'd never cut his grass because he wasn't a lawnmower Transformer.

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