I'll Make Those: Bioshock Infinite Papercraft Vigor Bottles

May 15, 2013


DeviantARTist JouzuMania
is developing papercraft models for all the vigors in Bioshock Infinite. So far he has versions of the Undertow and Murder of Crows bottles that you can download and make yourself. I might actually try to do these. I'll fail miserably, but I will try. And aren't they teaching kids in school these days that trying is all that matters? You don't have to excel at anything, just try. You know, because that's what the world needs: a whole generation of purple participation ribbon winners.

Hit the jump for the Murder of Crows.


Thanks to my pal Terry, who hasn't even played Bioshock Infinite and has no right to talk about it. Or about me behind my back. Janey told me you told her I was a loser!

  • Bryce Learmonth

    Can you make a Tutorial

  • Mason Bohonos

    So wait is it just one print of each page or like 10 of each?

  • HunterZombieKiller .

    How do you build the murder of crows because im building one now and im confused

  • So the second one shaped like a crow can be papercraft, sure. The first one could be done with just a bottle and some paint. You want a tentacle topper, kill an octopus like a man.

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