I Needed That: Compilation Of Inspirational Videos Caught By Russian Dashboard Cameras

May 3, 2013


In these trying times we live in, I know it can be hard to imagine any hope for humanity that doesn't involve blasting off into space and just starting over. But to remind us all the world isn't doomed just yet, here's a compilation video of positive, inspirational videos caught by Russian dashboard cams. There are people stopping and waiting for animals, drivers helping push each other's cars out of the snow, and a whole bunch of people jumping out of their cars to help old ladies cross the street. I really encourage you all to take the five minutes out of your day to watch it. So the next time you're wishing the world would just burn after reading some piece of depression in the news, remember: in Russia, right now -- at this exact moment -- someone's getting out of their car to make sure somebody's grandma gets safely across the street.

Hit the jump for the video, you really should watch it.

Thanks to Michael, who agrees good Samaritans are the best kind of Samaritans.

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