I Call Green Ranger: Power Ranger Long Sleeve T-Shirts

May 21, 2013


You know what's cooler than being cool? Being cool in a $26 long sleeve Power Ranger t-shirt from 80'sTees. Just look at Peter Ponytail here. He's wearing thumb and index finger rings on opposite hands. And rings, as I'm sure none of you were aware, are a symbol of fertility that I just made up. You know how many women this man has slept with? Try infinity. And the symbol for infinity is like an 8 resting on its side because it's so worn out from all the crazy sex this man has been having. Coincidence? If this guy taught a class, I would take it. And I would retake it repeatedly until I scored 100 on every test and he acknowledged me as the rightful heir to the boner throne.

Hit the jump for the other five colors.






Thanks to lilco, who informed the best kind of rangers are forest rangers because they get to sit around talking to bears all day and cooking s'mores at night.

  • NightWarp

    ERM.. the icon on the green ranger is WRONG!!! thats not Dragonzord thats Entosaur!! they messed up the coolest guy!!

  • Sigmund Smudge

    Is it just me, or does this guy look really happy to be wearing the yellow ranger shirt?

  • Brant_Alan

    It's nice to see all the original actors back to model for the shirts.

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  • I shouldn't find that half as cool as I do. I'd totally walk around with a red ranger shirt.

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