I Actually Want Those: Bike Wheel Light Animation Kits

May 28, 2013


I posted about Monkey Lights back in 2009, and now the company's back with a NEW AND IMPROVED version with cooler animations. I want to be able to spell out words with them, and I want the front wheel to say, 'IF YOU CAN READ THIS' and the back one, 'DIE SCUMBAG!'. The new Monkey Light Pro system is currently a Kickstarter project, and the bad news is it costs $500 for the four light bars required for one wheel animation. So that's a cool $1,000 to get both wheels animated. That's a lot of money. Unless -- UNLESS -- you're using it to advertise your business. Then it's a tax write off. New plan -- front wheel: 'HANDJOBS', back wheel: '$5'.

Hit the jump for a couple more gifs and a worthwhile video with even more animations.








Thanks to my pal Terry, who's always making fun of my fixie even though he used to bike all the time but now just sits on the couch drinking beer and growing rounder.

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