Homemade Explosive Thor's Hammer Goes Wrong

May 15, 2013


I swear this is an internet classic that I saw and posted years ago, but after a search I couldn't find it on the site so here it is anyways (or again). This is a video of a bunch of dudes attaching explosives to the ends of giant hammers and then smacking them on the ground. Apparently the hero of our story overdid it a bit with the explosives though. Anybody have any more info about what the hell is going on here? Some sort of celebration of near death experiences? If you do know, feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments. If you don't know, feel free to make up a story that's believable enough for the rest of us to run around spreading mistruths, just like the internet was made for.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to Gordorian, who would have at least double the explosives on his hammer and hoped for a free trip to the moon.

  • Greg Miller

    5 years ago!


    Also I think you mean "gender."

  • zin

    Cheap field-testing of the hammerbomb AKA Red-Faction Hammer

  • OximoronMx

    This is part of the celebrations of the Day of San Juan de la Vega in the town of the same name, Juan de la Vega was a Robin Hoodesque figure. Vega robbed the spanish lords and gave the money to the poor of Guanajuato, Mexico and protected the village against raids of bandits. He was shot down by spanish troops in a raid almost 300 years ago near the town and ever since after proclaiming him saint and renaming the town after him, they try to recreate the sound of the battle between the Vega Riders against the Spanish troops. This is done during the carnival celebrations using hammers and sticks loaded with artisan made fireworks. There is a high number of injured during the festivities.

  • lesgrandsours
  • bakuryu

    "Juan de la Vega was a Robin Hoodesque figure..."
    like the more famous Diego de la Vega.

  • Raijin Thundergod

    more like Zorro if you ask me...

  • BMan56

    The Darwin Award Honorable Mention goes to...

  • Guest

    the best intentions do not always involve losing a few fingers...

  • Sabocat!

    I was here when you posted it the first time. I'm an early adopter.

  • Bling Nye

    I saw it here then too.

  • Sabocat!

    Hey stop following me.

  • ItsLedgic

    The phrase near the end translates to, "Fucking Thor, your hammer can suck it." In the context that its being used, this is the best translation. Me la Pela does basically mean "It masturbates me" but in different contexts it can also mean "suck it". (Is Mexican) also the tittle means "Making Thors hammer: Mexican style."

  • Larry Symms

    I like the steel plate whizzing past his head at what I crudely estimated at 100mph (2 frames at 30fps over 10ft)

  • Closet Nerd

    This is a video of the Mexican tradition of using your "Oogle-Oogle Stick" w/ explosives attached, to destroy fossilized dinosaur foreskins found in the village. Then the powder is left behind is used to make "Dino Penis Wine"
    .....just sayin

  • BeastmanAIDS

    +1 for "fossilized dinosaur foreskins".

  • JJtoob

    I love the song "Weeee are going to make ... Thoooor's haaaamer ♪"

  • Mighty Molecule

    thor's hammer: you're doing it right

  • ???

    It's not a "homemade Thor's Hammer" It's a mexican reenactment of a battle, and the explosions on the hammers, are just explosives placed on the ground being smacked with hammers to represent cannonballs exploding. It's not a homemade Thor's Hammer at all, get your stories straight.

  • clamch0wda

    My god..... it went so far over your head I...I kinda feel sorry for you.

  • Marc Barber

    Did you watch the video? The first 10s is them taping explosives to the hammer. The title of the video (whoever uploaded it) has Hammer of Thor in it. Whatever everyone else is doing in that video (battle re-enactment is a fine explanation that I can't argue with), the dude we're watching is clearly doing the Thor thing, and epic failing or epic succeeding, depending on your world view. I think the text at the end is something like "F-ing Thor's hammer stripped me" (referring to his hat, I assume).

  • JJtoob

    Here to bring you proper translation: "F-ing Thor, my hammer is better than yours", well, it's as close as I can get it. "me la pela" means that one masturbates the other, more specifically, that the inferior person, strokes (pela means literally peel, but they mean stroke in this case) the superior person's penis (as weird as it is, I've heard girls use the expression regardless of their lack of integrated penis). I say inferior, because it is assumed that the person performing the favor is being humiliated into doing it. Kind of like how people playing FPS games like to tea-bag enemies they've killed. You say this when you want to tell someone you think they are less than you, like when someone wants to fight you, and you know you'd be the clear winner, you would tell them "me la pelas", then you give them an ass kicking, but don't have them masturbate you unless you are weird like that. It could also mean "F-ing Thor's hammer ain't sh!t", like he underestimated the power of the hammer.

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