Hidden Watch Weed Grinders/Storage Containers

May 9, 2013


This is the $40 Vaporite Grindrite watch. At first glance it just looks like an ultra high quality Quantum wristwatch. But at SECOND GLANCE, and provided somebody has removed the watch face, it's actually a weed grinder or mini storage space. Not both though, you have to specify one or the other when you order. The watch is actually functional too, which is pointless because anybody who's buying a weed grinding wristwatch is the same kind of person that will leave the time perpetually stopped at 4:20. Meet me in the park on your lunch-break.

Hit the jump for a couple of closeups if you're interested.



Thanks to Garret, who's holding out for a weed-grinding cell phone because then you won't have to explain it's actually a weed grinder every time somebody asks who the hell still wears a wristwatch.

  • protiv sistemy

    James Bond clock

  • Very nice grinder...u can't be safe enough!...hello from VaperzInside

  • Guest

    To whoever makes these I'm wondering if you could possibly make me a chain and pendant version of this. If you can please hit me up. Also a wall clock edition would go hard too. Just respond on here and we can link up and make it happen.

  • Mike Loshe

    Thanks for the share. The fact that this thing is smell proof makes this herb grinder sick. Has anyone here tried it out yet?

  • cabbo

    Not even three chambers.

  • qwer

    you///can't just store it in the grinder too?

  • Vlad

    I torn between the grinder and safe.. the grinder has function, but i see my self enjoying the safe portion (easier access to preground weed).

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    I would get the safe one just to have a little place to hide things. I don't use weed, but I like secret compartments.

  • qwer


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