Haha!: Star Wars & Doctor Who Fans Clash At Convention

May 15, 2013


Because you can't just throw a convention these days without two rival nerd gangs going at it, a group of Doctor Who and Star Wars fans at the Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention got into a heated argument about something that's probably just going to make us all sad.

Both sides admitted there had been a long-running rivalry between the Norwich Sci Fi Club and the Norwich Star Wars Club.

The dispute erupted after the treasurer of Norwich Sci Fi Club, Jim Poole, arrived at the event hosted by the rival club at the University of East Anglia.

He was asked to leave as he approached Doctor Who actor Graham Cole for an autograph - leading to a stand-off which was only resolved by police and university security.

A spokesman said: 'After lengthy investigation, talking to witnesses and reviewing good CCTV footage, it was confirmed that there was no assault.

'The two rival groups were spoken to and advised to keep out of each other's way.'

Well that was depressing. But seriously, who do you think would win in a fight -- a Star Wars fans or a Doctor Who fan? My money's on any bystander who just feels like throwing a punch.

Thanks to CMW and Mike C, who allegedly know a guy who got shanked with his own sonic screwdriver for calling Jabba a fat shit.

  • ImNoRobot

    What a waste....I would have raged if it was David Tennet. But Graham? Fuck that.

  • bun

    yay we did again, well done Norwich!

  • Raspywolf

    I hate the fact that geekdom has been taken over by people who don't know the difference between science fiction and fantasy. If you can't tell what the difference is you aren't a geek. You're just a pop culture junkie masquerading as one because it's the "IT" thing right now. Doctor Who is the perfect example of how geekdom has been taken over and mass marketed to the lowest common denominator. It's Twilight for "geeks". It's fantasy dressed up in the trappings of science fiction written for people who are too stupid or just don't care enough to know the difference.

  • Seriously?
    Doctor Who has been going since 1963. Comparing it to Twilight is just ridiculous. Nobody is claim that Who is hard SF.

  • Raspywolf

    Old Who was a show for 11-14 year olds. New Who's target demographic is adults. We forgive children's entertainment for being bad because it's for children. Adult entertainment should be held to higher standards because guess what? Adults should have higher standards than children. But despite having a much higher budget and much more advanced technology, it's only marginally better produced and full of WAY more flaws than the old show. So yeah, it's Twilight for geeks.

    BTW it's not Science Fiction at all. It's not even soft SciFi. The fact that you think it is in any aspect is exactly what I was talking about in my post about how geekdom has been taken over by people who don't know the difference. In order something to be Science Fiction, it has to be based on scientific principles. Hard Scifi on the Hard sciences (physics, chemistry, biology. etc) and Soft Scifi on the Soft Sciences (Anthropology, History, Psychology, etc.) Even Terry Pratchett has pointed out that its not science fiction at all and he likes the show. Source below:
    www . sfx . co . uk / 2010 / 05 / 03 / guest-blog-terry-pratchett-on-doctor-who /

  • StarTrekFan

    Star Wars and Doctor Who both suck, but surely both are Sci Fi?



  • Bobert

    Have you seriously made me click on a page with no videos of nerds fighting? What year do you think it is? 1940? Someone must have a video of this.. hell they are probably COSPLAYIN this "argument" for our Youtube eyes to see.

  • Dr Who?

  • Bwahahahah! GET IT?! (FTW)

  • Bobert

    Dr what?
    We get it, you get out!

  • DapperNathaniel

    Doctor who fans would win, obviously. Most probably train to be a companion, which requires an awful lot of running.

  • $14019757

    I am a Doctor Who fan and my boyfriend is a Star Wars fan - like, he has a full sleeve tattoo dedicated to it. But if there were a fight I'd win, hands-down. He's taller and more muscular, but I have this tiny-scary-girl strength and some pretty impressive wrestling skills that mean I win every time. Luckily my darling feminist man doesn't have a problem with that! ;D

  • TheOtakuX

    I'm rather surprised there are fans of one who don't like the other. Granted, I didn't get into Doctor Who until last year, but still.The Doctor, the Jedi, and Starfleet all get along nicely in my Sci-fi collection.

  • Nestor Sanchez


  • Bridg3tt3

    Just waiting for the " star-crossed lovers" story to come out of this.

  • A little wrong side of the (Dalek)tracks, star(wars)-crossed lovers? (I just puked in my mouth typing that).

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