Guy Makes Burning Dead Space Plasma Cutter IRL

May 6, 2013


This is a video of laser lover and Youtuber AnselmoFanZero showing off the Dead Space plasma cutter replica he made. For the record, I've never played Dead Space because it's rated M for Mature and my mom says I'm anything but. Still, a pretty impressive build and the lasers can burn wood and trash bags if you hold them steady long enough. Unfortunately for us, dude warns in the video that he won't be providing any instructions if you want to build your own because he feels strongly that he should be the only one with cool stuff. I assume he was absent from kindergarten the day you're supposed to learn caring means sharing. Fine bro, but don't ask to touch my Hot Wheels.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Mark V and De4dog, who believe that everyone should have access to clean water, shelter, and decent blueprints for building your own plasma cutter.

  • Still, a pretty impressive build and the lasers can burn wood and trash bags if you hold them steady long enough.

  • Sebastien Michael Mansfield

    nothing like the smell of burning plastic.

  • Mowthan

    That author is a complete tool who is full of himself.

    I was discussing laser diodes in the comments section when he told me I don't know shit then blocked me so I couldn't reply.

  • dinkster

    "Green" diodes from china often use infrared diodes in the 808 to 1064nm range. These diodes will permanently blind you, as the blink reaction doesn't exist for IR spectrum. DIY'ers, please be careful. Pull a blue laser out of a projector or bluray, it is more likely to be true blue.

  • Too bad the plasma cutter is the lamest weapon in the Dead Space arsenal.

    Now the Ripper, that's the $#!t that'll get rid of those nechromorphs, son!

  • ODwanKenObi

    All that work to burn trash bags very slowly.

  • Hooray. Now I can slowly burn holes through trash bags.

  • Do we really want this guy to have something more powerful than that though?

  • Closet Nerd

    or prophylactics
    .....just sayin

  • What exactly ARE you saying? You want to use this thing to burn holes in condoms?

  • Jono Charles Davey

    And my comment was deleted, again.

  • Jono Charles Davey

    He probably thought he was being all careful and shit, when really he's just inspired a load of masked super-villains.

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