Guitar Sharpied With Sweet Lord Of The Rings Graphics

May 1, 2013


This is the guitar that's been customized via Sharpie with some legit looking Lord Of The Rings graphics by 16-year old artist Vivian Xiao. Sixteen! I wasn't making anything at sixteen but an ass out of myself and $2.38 an hour bussing tables at Outback Steakhouse. Vivian spent about 25-hours decorating the guitar, including the sides and back which she designed to look like intricate woodwork and the One Ring's inscription (pictures after the jump which you really should see). Could you imagine smashing that thing onstage? Because you're sick if you can. "It belongs in a museum!" You're damn right it does, Indy. You and Short Round still on for poker tonight? Seriously though, I catch him cheating again I'm gonna make him drink that voodoo blood from the Temple of Doom.

Hit the jump for a bunch of worthwhile closeups while I pull my roommate's heart out so these two know I mean business.









Thanks to my buddy Terry, who's only Sharpie-related skill is how many he can fit in his keister at once.

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