Girl Doesn't Get Asked To Prom, Takes TI-84 Calculator

May 8, 2013


Nobody asked Tumblr user ishipitlikeups to prom. So what did she do? Stay at home crying and trying to beat Contra without using the Konami code like I did? Nope -- she made a little silk tuxedo for her TI-84 calculator and took it instead. I knew I should have taken my Trapper Keeper. You see what happened was, I asked a girl to prom, but then she backed out on me after some other, much more attractive guy asked her. I got the last laugh though because now she's a successful lawyer living in London and I'm...well, apparently not getting the last laugh after all. Still, I'm surprised nobody asked this girl. Or, in a worst case scenario, why she didn't just ask ME. I would have gone with you. "Thanks, but I'll stick with the calculator." What, WHY?! I'm a cool guy, I know all the new dances. You think I can't twerp? I can twerp.

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Thanks again to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he invited a calculator to prom but then never went to pick it up on prom night. Ice cold, bro!

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