Girl Doesn't Get Asked To Prom, Takes TI-84 Calculator

May 8, 2013


Nobody asked Tumblr user ishipitlikeups to prom. So what did she do? Stay at home crying and trying to beat Contra without using the Konami code like I did? Nope -- she made a little silk tuxedo for her TI-84 calculator and took it instead. I knew I should have taken my Trapper Keeper. You see what happened was, I asked a girl to prom, but then she backed out on me after some other, much more attractive guy asked her. I got the last laugh though because now she's a successful lawyer living in London and I'm...well, apparently not getting the last laugh after all. Still, I'm surprised nobody asked this girl. Or, in a worst case scenario, why she didn't just ask ME. I would have gone with you. "Thanks, but I'll stick with the calculator." What, WHY?! I'm a cool guy, I know all the new dances. You think I can't twerp? I can twerp.

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Thanks again to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he invited a calculator to prom but then never went to pick it up on prom night. Ice cold, bro!

  • As an objectum sexual person, I approve of this story.
    Especially since my OS love is a TI-Nspire CX.
    Even if a guy/girl asks me out, I'm sticking with my dear Pierre. xD
    Calculators are sexy, man. Ever since I was in middle school, I knew I'd take mine to prom. xD
    That's next year, though. So if you hear a news story somewhere aling this lines but with an Nspire, that's probably about me.

  • JJtoob

    But Prom actually costs money, why would she go? I would have spent the money on something better, like a TI-Nspire.

  • I'm going to prom with mine ^_^ I'm *literally* in love with mine. So in a year, if you see a story about the biggest math nerd in existence not only takes her calculator to prom, but is also objectum-sexual for it... that's me. In fact, I'm cuddling with mine right now. xD

  • JJtoob

    Here you go, some fap material, hope you are into mature calculators:

  • Old Goat Patrol

    My daughter goes to that charter school. They stress math and science. The school mascot is a calculator and the various sports teams via for who gets to wear the costume.

  • tinydancer1

    Youre surprised that no one asked her?? Seriously? Because you live in an alternate universe where girls ALWAYS get asked out to prom?

  • Ben Enos

    She was probably better going with her calculator than she would have been with half the idiots who commented here! She isn't a bad looking girl and made the best out of a bad situation instead of sitting home and missing out. I bet when they have their 20 yr reunion she will be the one laughing at them.

  • Chris Pie All

    She probably has more in common with us than we realize

  • Ragnogroth

    Lame beyond internet.

  • Hgh

    Y'all mock now, but in ten years, when she's lost the braces, gained weight in all the right places, and is the multi-millionaire owner of a tech firm, you'll still be working the graveyard shift at McDonalds.

  • JJtoob

    And it'd be even more sad if that didn't happen.

  • BlakFate

    oh come on we all know that all the high-school drop outs and the people that didn't go to university are the ones that end up actually having their shit together.

  • Deksam

    Basically she's saying, "I have no friends. Chin up girl! who needs friends... I have gadgets ... yah that's it, gadgets" ...

  • Austin

    You guys are harsh. She's not a bad looking girl and she made the most out of an otherwise unfortunate situation. Better to make light of it and have fun than sit at home depressed. I'm sure most of you are used to dating supermodels regularly and are way out of her league, so don't go bringing others down since you are far superior,

  • Brant_Alan

    Who are you talking about? As far as I can tell the only person who brought up her looks was you.

  • etxzombie

    I call upon rule 34.

  • Let me tell you. As someone with a calculator fetish... yep. Rule 34.

  • Ed

    Things'll pickup in the love dept. once the braces come off.

  • elpolloloco

    Rather stick my peen in the calculator asshole than the girl who made the tuxedo...

    Btw, the dress is made in Bengladesh and 50 years old.
    2 hours (or days) of make-up and she would be famous. Or at least a little bit more than the actual pictures.

  • Colby

    She looks like the evil bad buy in Last Action Hero.

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