Giant Whale Head And Dangling Breasts Hot Air Balloon

May 13, 2013


This is Skywhale, a giant hot air balloon created by artist Patricia Piccinin for the Australian National Gallery. Now that's some fine art if I've ever seen it and I've been on over a dozen museum field trips. Plus we went to Gettysburg once but that was less fine art and more me hunting for musket balls.

"The artwork - which depicts a giant whale, replete with dangling mammalian teets [...]"

It was commissioned by ACT Government to celebrate Canberra's 100th birthday and apparently, it cost Patricia about $172,000 to build. Let's just say... some people are not too excited about this

When reached for comment, Twitter's fail whale had this to say: "I'd hit that." Of course it came out as a bunch of clicks and whistles, so I could be wrong. I did take two years of whale language in high school though, so maybe it was "I did hit that." Whatever the case, I would not hit that but I would swing from one of those teets into a pool.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots and a video of the thing in flight (although skip to the end for that -- most of the video is just blowing the thing up).







Thanks to my buddy Terry, who would ride that thing into the clouds and probably plummet to his death after climbing out of the basket to dangle from one of the teets.

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