For The Ladies: Full Body Pillow With Breast Hole

May 13, 2013


This is the ComfyBreasts Relaxation System. It's a full body pillow with a hollowed out section to rest your breasts in and relieve pressure on them. Because remember ladies: a comfy tit is a happy tit. Also: a boob in the hand is worth over a dozen in the bush. The ComfyBreast pillow is currently a Kickstarter campaign and I read through the info they provided which had little to no scientific data to suggest a pillow with a boob hole is beneficial to a lady's knockers. But the pillow was tested on two different women, who had this to say:

Tester #1: "Thought it was a Dream Pillow - Very Comfy."

Tester #2: Said she could fall asleep easily, and actually almost forgot she had breasts.

"ACTUALLY ALMOST FORGOT SHE HAD BREASTS." Now that's a magical pillow. It's a shame they don't make a guy version because I'd be curious to know what it feels like to fall asleep without a penis. "So...a pillow with a hole to rest your pecker in? That sounds like a cheap love doll." I'm realizing that now.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of this year's must have Christmas gift.




Thanks to Rob G, who pointed out a $500 donation to the project gets you a visit to the inventor's house on your dime and "private time with the owner." It's like a dream come true.

  • Azariel_z

    on the beach, on the club, on daycare , on the park, on the subway, on the barn, on the supermarket. on that Rocco movie, on the sea, on a cave, on the "dia de los muertos" parade, on a garage, , ..needs moooar photoshoooops!

  • Only any use if you spend plenty of time laid on your front.
    I, for one, sleep on my side.

  • Mathias Wilsson

    I just love the tramp stamp to go with the possibly gigant fake boobs.

  • JimmyThr

    Pardon my crudeness but, where's the cock and balls version of this I need it pronto

  • Buddy Milkshake

    If they made a pillow with a "dick hole" guys would just do dirty things to it.

  • Michelle Jenkins


  • I thought this kickstarter failed a long time ago. 8 more days of fail before we never have to hear about it again. Sorry ladies. Guess you just have tits you can't just "forget" about.

  • alicia cody

    They should make a version of this for a woman's pregnant belly to fit in. THAT I would buy.

  • Andy Green

    I want the guy version!

  • Brant_Alan

    For thousands of years women could never figure out how to lay comfortably on their boobs. Until one day entrepreneur/genius Michael C Riley fixed life problems once and for all. "I CUT A HOLE IN A FOAM MATTRESS PAD FOR YOUR BEWBS MOM."

  • Bridg3tt3

    Finally! Also, sweet "digital illustrations" my small womanly brain needed the science of the pillow broken down for me!

  • Namor

    Small brain, Large.............

  • Closet Nerd

    That is the 'breast' photoshop job I've seen in a while
    .....just sayin

  • Soda Jerk

    Holy shit, still with the just sayin, huh?

  • Closet Nerd

    On occasion.... been doin it for years, hard to stop
    ......just sayin

  • Thaddeus Stevens

    That would come in hand for those long nights of faking the Apollo moon landing!

  • Bobert

    Shes gonna die in there with no space helmet. room for boobies is all fun and games until someone die on the moon.

  • Michael James

    No worries; she can hold her breath for a really long time.

  • FlavoredAir

    Finally, a product whose slogan could really be "Tits or GTFO".

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