Finally, A Useful Robot: The Beer-Dropping Octocopter

May 9, 2013


This is a SteadiDrone octocopter specially modified to deliver beers to attendees at the upcoming Oppikoppi music festival in South Africa. You just order a brewski via iPhone app (sorry Android users -- looks like you're DD), then the copter drops a parachuted beer to your location. Sure the operation sounds great in theory, until you realize there's a Geekologie Writer at the concert who's diving for every beer like they're home-run balls at a baseball game. *cracks open beer, immediately backwashes into it* Oh this was yours? My bad, I thought they were free game like those t-shirts they were shooting out of a cannon earlier.

Hit the jump for a video of the beer delivery bot in action.

Thanks to Ez, who agrees the best beers are delivered by those big-tittied German chicks I imagine when I close my eyes and daydream about Octoberfest.

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