EXP, A Video Game Themed Bar & Restaurant (Plus Menu)

May 10, 2013


EXP Restaurant + Bar is a Vancouver restaurant and bar (not just a tricky name) with a video game theme, including the food and drink menus. I don't know about you, but I would eat and drink there, and, knowing me, probably try to make small talk with the guy pissing at the urinal next to me and wind up making him think I'm gay. "You said nice pecker.'" People don't know how to take compliments anymore.

Hit the jump for a shot of the drink menu and the bar interior.








Thanks to my pal Terry, who's trying to get me to play Devil May Cry and I keep promising him I will but then start playing a different game instead.

  • Ruthie Marisol Cruz

    Shit they stole my idea -__- I wanted to open the some like that in ny

  • Bradley Cummings

    Are there any girls there? If there's any girls there I wanna DOOOOO them!

  • Lainie

    No Shit! I'm like 3 hours away from Vancouver. Next time I'm there...

  • Chris Connors

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  • Grindzombie

    "Veggie Nachos" ...way to make vegetarians even more of a buzzkill...

  • Oh my GAWD!

    Makes me hate living in a small crappy town even more!


  • Dyrge

    Montgomery, AL has GTSouth. http://gtsouth.com/

  • Taylor Love

    that looks awesome... the names of things are terrible though, they could have been a little more clever

  • They used to be able to think of clever ones... then they drank "an arrow to the knee"

  • JennWillo

    Don't forget about 1Up in Denver! http://www.the-1up.com/

  • King_Krawl

    Holy shit! I would drive there just to play Road Rash!

  • MatXOR

    The EXP Bar is great, fantastic staff and menu. Only downside is it is illegal to play video games in a bar while drinking in Vancouver. The staff were as frustrated as I about that law and are writing to elected officials to try and get the law changed. Therefore, at the current moment you cannot play games while you drink here.

  • bigshynepo

    Can you legally play a video game on your cell phone? or is the law stipulating that it has to be an installed game machine? Do the bars there have big buck hunter or golden tee?

  • Brian Chung

    It's probably a precaution for the gambling game types (i.e. video poker), to prevent people from playing when drunk and wasting all their money, but not differentiating between those types and non-gambling video games.

  • Tenelen

    There is also the AFK Tavern in Seattle WA http://www.afktavern.com/

  • Destrado

    This is by far my favorite place to go when I drive into Vancouver

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