Davie Jones's Diner: Skull & Crossbones Pancake Griddle

May 29, 2013


Full disclosure: I would not be upset if I opened that treasure chest.

This is the Pirate Pancake Griddle, it makes flapjacks with a skull & crossbones on them. It's still a Kickstater project but has already reached its funding goal so you can definitely get one for $93 if you pay up. Personally, that's a little steep. Besides, I'm not so much a pancake guy as a waffle bro. I'm joking, I'm the Pillsbury Doughboy's brother. Lying again, my brother's name is Frank and he's a super cool dude. It's like God squeezed all the cool into him and when I was born there was nothing left to give but a pecker the size of one of those protein powder jars.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots. I'm going to buy one and wear it as a belt-buckle.



Thanks to Gin, hands down my least favorite alcohol unless I'm really hating myself, then it's my favorite.

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