Curiosity Rover Spots A Rat/Lizard Alien On Mars

May 30, 2013


This is the rat/lizard alien that the Mars rover Curiosity recently spotted on the red planet. FULL DISCLOSURE: just a rock. Now the conspiracy theorists would have you believe the government is just trying to cover up the Martian discovery, but those are the same people who don't wash their hair often enough. Never trust a person who doesn't wash their hair often enough. Unless they're homeless, in which case they have a good excuse not to, but still don't trust them when they ask you for change to ride the bus. It's for drugs or alcohol.

Hit the jump for an ultra-poor quality closeup so all the hours some nutjob spent super-zooming into pictures from Mars wasn't in vain.


Thanks to Matt, who told me if he had a dime for every time somebody thought they saw an alien in some rock formation on Mars he's not sure how much money he'd have.

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